Defensive Carry Moderators Picture Page!
Inspired by a fun web page, where people in a group pic were represented each by South Park 'toon pic's - here are the not so definitive portraits of the Combat Carry Moderator team!   Likenesses are purely coincidental!

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Our Betty is one cool lady and presents herself as the quiet kind. That however is just a veneer to fool the bad guys - she can kick **** if need be, so be warned!!
Bumper - "Da Boss" A fetching self portrait - but as he says - this is first thing in the morning!
Copper Knight
Copper Knight - Mr Innocence on the surface - but don't be fooled by appearances!
Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch - Likes to portray the quiet 'Mad Professor' type but underneath the facade is the no-nonsense dude who keeps his Louisville Slugger at hand!
Dr_CMG - here is another self-portrait. We can see here that he has concealment down to a fine art - he is carrying five pieces!
Betty Bumper Copper Knight Captain Crunch Dr_CMG

HotGuns - y'all just don't wanna get arrested by this dude - even on a good day. So obey the law ya hear!
JD - the Marine but also the new Daddy. Woe betide anyone foolish enough to mess with him or his family. Also the forum's famous 'IP chaser'!
LimaTunes - lady cool and new Mom. Put her to work in a gun shop and expect the customers to be amazed at her knowledge.
Matt Larson
Matt Larson - The guy with worldly experience who will go out of his way to help anyone. Treat him right - he'll treat you right.
Miggy - what can we say! The guy who lives beside a lake and can skip throw a small flat rock a quarter mile!
HotGuns JD LimaTunes Matt Larson Miggy

P95Carry - early self portrait - preceeding the socks and sandals era. Would you believe - he has a concealed M60!
pgrass101 - the devoted young Dad - who somehow fits more into life than most usually manage.
QK Shooter
QK Shooter - merry sorta guy, here sporting his Santa outfit for a Christmas celebrations - plus of course a ''cold one'!
Rocky - working in LP it's useful to dress kinda average and mingle. All the better for catching the thieves!
rstickle - despite living in MD and being the quiet type - he is extraordinarily well prepared for most contingencies!
P95Carry pgrass101 QK Shooter Rocky rstickle

Scott - sporting his full business outfit. Here we find him at end of a day after driving 14 hours solid (again) and jet-lagged!
SRFL - is an agent of considerable cunning. His disguises vary but he finds the 'Angelic Foreigner' trick a most successful ploy!
Team American
Team American - a very western dude, although here not sporting his usual cowboy rig. Must be CCW day!
Tangle - tree climbing addict. Now and again however there is the occasional argument with a tree limb - he owns Band-Aid shares!
Scott SRFL Team American Tangle

Moderators are still allowed to have fun!!

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